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Welcome to Aloha Lacrosse, of Aloha OR

Aloha Lacrosse is a partnership of two volunteer-run and community-based Section 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations. Together, we provide organized recreational and competitive lacrosse play for 1st  grade through High School boys and girls in the Aloha, Oregon area. 

Aloha Youth Lacrosse (Youth) (EIN 26-2835023)
Aloha Lacrosse Club (High School) (EIN 27-1334767 )

Status for the Spring 2020 Season
** April 2020 UPDATE **

Hi everyone – I hope everyone and their families are healthy and doing the best they can in these tough times. 

I imagine everyone has seen that the schools will not re-open (physically) this Spring, and based on that, OSAA (sanctioned sports) and OHSLA (high school lacrosse) officially canceled the Spring sports seasons.  So, we won’t have a High School season this year.  Expected, but a bummer nonetheless.

Based on that, the ALC Board has decided to do the following:

1.       We will refund all paid player fees and not collect any future fees on a payment plan.  If a player requested a customized bag, that portion of the fee will not be refunded (the bags have arrived and been delivered). 


·         If anyone would like to donate their 2020 season player fees, please contact our Treasurer, Victor Ruybalid:   


·         If a credit card was used to pay the player fees, we will attempt to reverse the charge on that credit card.  If that isn’t possible or if another means was used to pay, we will refund via check.

2.       If the player received a game jersey prior to our canceled scrimmage, we need to get it back; we’ll communicate a contactless drop off point.  No need to wash.


3.       We are working with the coaches to find online ways to stay engaged with the players (they have already sent out several youtube videos).


4.       We hope to have a team gathering event to get the boys together and hopefully get a team picture.  To help remember the season, we’ll give each player a new shooter shirt.  No idea when we can do this. 


5.       We are hoping to have an optional (but encouraged) team to play in a Summer HS league.  Many of our sister clubs do this as it’s a great way to introduce the new players to the team and high school competitiveness. 


Lastly, have your boys follow alohalacrosse instragram, the group chats, the coaches remind, and generally feel free to reach out to the coaches or other players for support.  We built a lot of momentum during the preseason workouts and hopefully we can pick right back this summer when things return to normalcy. 



by posted 03/13/2020
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